CEU Christian Fellowship
Budapest, Hungary
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Welcome to our Homepage! International Christian Fellowship of Budapest


We are a community of university students and young professionals from many nationalities and walks of life who come together in the name of Jesus for worship, prayer, study, and service.

We welcome people of faith from all Christian traditions as well al those who have a desire or interest in wanting to learn more of what being a follower of Jesus Christ is all about...so whether you're a Catholic from Africa or Slovenia, an Orthodox from Ukraine or Greece, Protestants...Reformed to Charismatic, or anywhere in between...At this fellowship everyone is welcomed.

NEWS -***

Mark your calendar --We are start up on Friday January 18th. at the Central European University. the address of our meeting place iis Zrinyi u. 14, room 412. It's 2 long blocks away from the St. Istvan Basilica. For more information please call 20 428 3165, or write to us Here

Kick-off Party On Saturday at Thanh and Melinda's apartment. for more information please write Thanh at thanhdickerson@gmail.com or call 20 428 3165

If you're new to Budapest...and would like some help in finding things/places...how to do/get things, then don't hesitate to contact us for help. We might not be able to help you find/do everything but I'm sure we can help you do/locate many things, so email or call us...we'd love to hear from you.

There are plenty of volunteering opportunities for you all to participate this semester if you feel led to... Contact Thanh Dickerson at 20 428 3165 for more info.

Ladies Tea Time -- for women...fellowship and prayer at the Budapest Christian Library (Szent Gellért ter 3, first floor, #1., Push the doorbell that says Budapest Christian Library and continue to hold the button down until the door is opened.) every Tuesday evening at 1900. Contact Rachael at weberrl(at)gmail.com for more info.

Weekly Men's Group! ...for prayers, bible study, accountability, and fun...We meet every Wednesday evenings at 7pm. For more info contact Thanh


We're Starting up Friday Jan 18th... meeting every Friday evening from 6-8pm

Hungarian IFES (MEKDSZ) winter Conference - Feb. 9th Eger, Hungary

Ski Trip to Slovakia - Feb 15-17th.

IFES' European Student Evangelism Conference-- Linz, Austria March 20-25 2008

Trip To Transyvania May 7-12

...stay tuned for more info


Partnership for Transformation...

This Fellowship is a part of the Hungarian Fellowship of Evangelical Christian Students movement (MEKDSZ), which itself is a part of the broader IFES family. We work along side and in partnership the International Church of Budapest (ICB), and OMS Hungary in reaching out to the young people who are going to school, or currently working in Budapest. For those who are here as english teachers, there is a group that meet monthly for fellowshipping and bible study check them out at www.geocities.com/etcg_hungary



Some thoughts about our group from our past and present members...

1. "Because studying alone in a foreign land can be testing to one's faith, I am thankful that God provided such a wonderful family of believers here in Budapest: students from many different countries but all excited about worshipping, knowing and serving Him. We had a lot of fun together, and also helped, encouraged and prayed for those in need. It was an awesome time of fellowship!"
Shaowei Lin, 2005

2. "The International Christian Fellowship was a sort of a harbour for my soul. Our meetings between classes and all kind of assignments were the breaks when I could stop for a while and remember Who is my Lord.This was the place where I shared my needs and where I was supported in my prayers by my sisters and brothers in Christ. The Fellowship was a real blessing for me."
Marin Cerchez, 2004

2. "It was God's blessing for me. When one has to live far from home and family, in an unknown world called CEU, gradually, like it or not, intense studies and homesickness become depressing. In such a world our meetings incited/animated me for living and non-abstract relationships with the Lord Jesus Christ. It is amazing how students from different countries and of different characters became my sisters and brothers. And these words are not just a Christian usage. I really feel family bounds connecting me with my brothers and sisters that I had in CEU. I thank our Creator for this grace, for this opportunity of fellowshipping with Christian students, for their prayers that helped me in my studies, private needs, and other aspects of life. Thanks to the lectors from outside CEU who shared with us their experience, knowledge and love of our God. May God bless all participated and helped in forming this group. I pray for its prosperity and that it may bring to the CEU community salvation, love and freedom of true Christianity. I pray for prosperity of our group and believe that future generations of the CEU students will be blessed by the service of our group."
Arman Manukyan, 2004


Some Food for thought...

"Are you motivated by the love of Christ." Saint Paul

"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose" Jim Elliot

"Remember your creator during your youth: when all possibilities lie open before you and you can offer all your strength intact for his service. The time to remember is not after you become senile and paralized! Then it is not too late for your salvation, but too late for you to serve as the presence of God in the midst of the world and the creation. You mus take sides earlier - when you can actually make choices, when you have many paths opening at your feet, before the weight of necessity overwhelms you." Jacques Ellul